Hugh’s Story: A Good Friend and a New Certification

When Hugh was laid off, he was left in a particularly difficult position. Although he had been qualified for his previous job, his skills and education were outdated enough that he couldn’t find a new job in his field, no matter how hard he tried. He searched for a comparable position, but after a while he became disheartened and ended up taking a job as a maintenance worker to pay the bills.

A few years later, one of the LDS employment resource center missionaries was going over past participants at the center, saw Hugh’s name, and decided to give him a call. Hugh came back into the center to meet with the missionaries, although he wasn’t sure how they would be able to help.

This time around, two important things happened.

First, prior to his meeting at the center, Hugh made an important contact. While attending a wedding, he spoke with an old friend and told him he was looking for a better job. The friend, who was in the human resources field, said he would look around and see if he could find anything.

The friend was true to his word and forwarded Hugh a list of potential jobs. One was an opening for a quality assurance (QA) engineer. Hugh looked over the qualifications and realized that, although he had never looked into quality assurance, it was something he could do really well with his experience and background.

Hugh applied for the position and had an amazing interview. Although the company was interested, he didn’t get the job. However, despite that initial defeat, Hugh’s interview illustrated to him how well he would do in the QA field. In his entire job search he had never looked into QA positions, but now he had a direction he could pursue.

The second key to Hugh’s successful job search happened when he visited the employment resource center again. A career adviser there asked Hugh if there were any certifications that could help him get a job. With his new direction, Hugh realized that a QA certification would help a lot.

LDS Employment Resource Services (ERS) helped him get into a program. He studied hard, passed the exam, and with a current certification became a competitive candidate. After completing the certification, Hugh saw an opening for a QA engineer on He applied and was hired!

By connecting with others, reshaping his career vision, and honing his skills, Hugh was able to launch his new career in a new field. 


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