The Most Effective Job Search

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Some job seekers wake up in the morning and say, “What in the world am I going to do today to find a job?” With the 15-10-2 approach, you will wake up and say, “I have so much to do today!”

The average job seeker spends fewer than 6 hours per week looking for work. Those few hours are spent searching job postings on the Internet, filling out job applications online, and sending in résumés without any personal engagement. That kind of effort is not typically effective and leads to greater discouragement, feelings of isolation, and frustration. The 15-10-2 approach will help you focus on the most productive and efficient job searching, networking, and contacting that will ultimately get you the job you want. With this approach, finding a full-time job becomes your exciting full-time job until you land a great position.

The Daily 15-10-2 Approach

The 15-10-2 approach is a daily effort to identify networking opportunities and connect with them in the most effective way. With this method, you will be able to make lasting and solid first impressions on those who can help you find the job you seek. This approach will get you out of the house and talking to, engaging with, and learning from other professionals.

Identify 15 New Resources

Each day you will identify 15 new resources. A resource is anything that will help you identify work opportunities and get you connected to the right people. A list, though not all-inclusive, of potential resources is below.


  • Friends

  • Family

  • Church members

  • Leaders

  • Counselors

  • Previous coworkers

  • Colleagues


  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Local employment agencies

  • Civic associations

  • Potential workplaces


  • Business directories

  • Company websites

  • Job search websites

  • Journals

  • Magazines

  • Newspapers

  • Phone directories

As you work to identify 15 new resources each day, you will begin to see that opportunity is everywhere and resources are limitless.

Make 10 Contacts

Once you’ve identified 15 resources, the next step is to make 10 contacts every day. A contact is any employment-related interaction with one of your resources. Some examples can be applying for a job, sending a résumé, telling friends and family that you are looking for work, and speaking to potential employers. It can also be a follow-up activity such as making a follow-up phone call, sending a thank-you note, or sharing your networking profile. The more you interact with others and let others know you are looking for a job, the more people will remember your needs. Most people are happy to help others when there is a need. These 10 daily contacts can be crucial to your success as you engage others to keep you in the front of their mind.

Hold 2 Face-to-Face Meetings or Interviews

Each day, hold 2 face-to-face meetings or interviews. Meeting with others in person fosters better communication and understanding. People usually communicate more clearly when they can use body language and facial expressions, which helps them to communicate their intended message more easily. And when you meet face-to-face with at least 2 people who work in the industry where you hope to find a job (whether it’s for an initial introduction, informational interview, or job interview), you can strengthen relationships with potential employers and colleagues as well as learn the potential working environment and atmosphere of a company and become more familiar with organizations in your field. This interaction will help you feel more comfortable as you continue to search for the right job.

Secure a Job

By focusing on identifying 15 resources, making 10 contacts, and holding 2 face-to-face interviews each day, you will be engaged in the right strategy to find success in your job search. Your eyes will be opened to new possibilities and opportunities. You will meet many new people each day. Others will come to know your needs and understand how they can help you, and you will gain great experience and greater confidence as you meet with others and refine your interpersonal skills. With the 15-10-2 approach, you will use key tactics each day that will help you secure a job more quickly. 


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