Active Job Search Program

Oska and a fellow Active Job Search participant after a group meeting.

What if you could find connection and support through your job search?

Are you interested in an active job search group that provides support while you look for a new job? As part of an active job search group, you will receive job-search skills training from experts, support from other people engaged in a job search, daily check-ins, and job lead sharing.

Oska joined an active jobs search group when he was looking for a stronger network to help him get a job after he graduated from his masters program. For him, having the support of a group helps keep him motivated to continue his job search. He’s even gotten some job leads and interviews from the friends he’s made in the group.

Come and explore Active Job Search groups.

What to Expect

When you join an active job search group, you’ll participate in daily meetings. Currently, all groups meet online. Daily meetings consist of:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Participant sharing (setting goals and following up on how those goals are going)
  3. Sharing job leads (job seekers share ideas and networking opportunities with each other)
  4. Skills refresher (polishing up important job-search skills)

Outside of meetings, you will be following up on job leads and reaching out to networking contacts. The daily check-ins provide guidance and support from peers, but you will do much of the work needed for a job search between meetings.

Active Job Search groups are facilitated by volunteer employment advisers and job search professionals.

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