Scott's Story: Finding Success with the Accelerated Job Search

After Scott was laid off from his company he knew he needed to get down to business and begin looking for a job quickly. He was motivated to work hard to secure a job so he could continue to support his family. He was amazed at the vast amount of resources available to him through the Accelerated Job Search program.

The current job market was discouraging, with few organizations that valued Scott’s experience and education. So, with limited opportunity in the area, he set out to find the right job to support his family.

At the beginning of his job search, Scott joined the Accelerated Job Search (AJS) program at the Employment Resource Center nearest him. He learned that there were resources available to him that he had never heard about before. Those resources proved helpful to him as he continued his job search.

“I was taught about networking and how to take advantage of the right job fairs,” Scott said. “The missionaries were there to coach and hold me accountable. They encouraged me to keep working hard and be patient for the right job.”

The opportunity to continue a daily routine of waking up early and getting ready for the day in a professional manner was very helpful to him during the difficult period of unemployment. Each day at the AJS program, he worked on and practiced his power statements and “Me in 30 Seconds” statements.  This training helped him feel very prepared to tackle any interview situation.

The spiritual aspect of the program was a great strength to Scott. He appreciated the daily thought and prayer to start out the training. Relying on faith in God brought him a sense of courage as he developed new skills.

“I knew I was rusty in job search skills when I lost my job,” Scott said. “But the AJS program kept encouraging me to meet with people every day and identify new resources. This forced me to get out and create opportunities. I became a pro at searching for a job—the right way.”

Even though there were limited opportunities in the area in Scott’s specific field of industry, he came to understand that with the expanded resources of the AJS program, the prospects became limitless. During his time in the AJS program he received multiple job offers. The day he accepted the best job for him and his family, he was very excited and grateful to those that helped through the difficult unemployment period.

Scott is committed to developing his career skills and keeping his options open. As he continues to network and make new connections with people, he recognizes the great amount of resources that the Lord has provided to His children here upon the earth.  The AJS program provided the inspired counsel and direction he needed in his life.


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