Quorum and Relief Society Leaders: What Should I Do to Help?

“Welfare is central to the work of the high priests group, the elders quorum, and the Relief Society. … Under the direction of the bishop, [the leaders of these ward organizations] help members become self-reliant and find solutions to short-term and long-term welfare concerns” (Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 6.2.4).

Quorum and Relief Society presidents play a key role in identifying and addressing employment needs, which are a core component of self-reliance. As a leader, you can begin to help ward members by discussing employment needs with your visiting teaching supervisors or home teaching district leaders. Make sure that you also stay updated on relevant employment information by meeting periodically with the employment specialist. In your quorum or organization, do everything you can to create an open and supportive environment where job seekers feel comfortable discussing their situation with others and where the group rallies to their support.

Some key roles you can play in supporting a job seeker are:

  • Encouraging visiting teachers and home teachers to be aware of employment challenges.
  • Reviewing home and visiting teaching reports to identify employment needs.
  • Learning where the employed members of your ward work and determining if they would be willing to mentor or do an informational interview with a job seeker.
  • Assigning and giving support to mentors who will meet with job seekers on a regular basis.
  • Giving job seekers referrals to companies, individuals who can help them, job leads, networking groups, and job coaching.
  • Discussing employment needs in ward council to coordinate efforts.
  • Planning with your presidency additional ways to reach out to and support job seekers.
  • Planning ways to teach principles of employment self-reliance.

For additional ideas, refer to the article “Ideas for the Relief Society.”


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