Communicating Your Value

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Are you worried about your job? Because of changing economies, you may experience doubt and feel insecure about your job. If you are currently working, there are things you can do to increase your job security.

A valued employee stands the best chance of riding out company changes. When faced with downsizing, an employer will be looking to keep those employees who create value for the company. Here are some ways to show your worth in your job.  

Be Positive

When news of downsizing spreads throughout the company, it creates low morale. One of the first ways to show your value is to have a positive attitude. Remember, currently you are working. Enjoy it and help others to enjoy it as well.  

Be Flexible

The company may need employees to make certain concessions: perhaps you won’t receive a monetary bonus, there may be less travel, or your raise will be less. Be flexible and work with your company, showing that you respect the company’s resources and circumstances.  

Be a Team Player

Typically when employees are concerned about work and finances, work performance may suffer. Be a team player regardless of your personal struggles, and continue to contribute good work. Come in early, not to chat or to complain with your co-workers, but to produce results, create solutions, and build up others. Perhaps you could send an e-mail to your supervisor praising someone you supervise.  

Be Valuable

It might seem easier to praise another’s work rather than taking opportunities to “sell” yourself, but it is necessary to communicate your value to your boss. Show, without bragging, how you are someone the organization needs to keep.  

One way is to ask your boss for feedback on your priorities. It helps you to focus on key projects and goals, and your boss will notice your attention to the organization’s needs. When you accomplish a project with some positive results, include those results and the ways you contributed in the report you give your boss. Learn more about power statements to help you succeed in this type of communication.  

Pray Faithfully

Remember that as you demonstrate your value at work, you will increase your chances of keeping your job through turbulent times. In addition, pray faithfully to Heavenly Father for help (see Alma 34:19–27), and live so you are worthy of His guidance at all times.


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