Earning Your Daily Bread

At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Heavenly Father has blessed all of His children with the talents and gifts they will need to best provide for themselves and their families.

Work and Self-reliance

Heavenly Father has given husbands and fathers the sacred responsibility to work and provide for their families; women may also need to work outside the home depending on their personal circumstances. Parents are to teach their children to work. Heavenly Father has blessed all of His children with the talents and gifts they will need to best provide for themselves and their families.

Because we live in a changing world, it is wise to continually prepare for changes in employment. As you prepare for and engage in work, remember that education and experience will improve your opportunities and earning potential. Carefully identify employment goals and work diligently to achieve them.

In all your employment endeavors, give honest work for the pay and benefits you receive. You will find great joy and satisfaction as you earn your daily bread (see Genesis 3:19). 

Personal Efforts

Identify Your Goal

Explore career options. Create goals that appeal to your interests and that are based on your talents, skills, and accomplishments. Recognize that your ideal goal may require several steps to obtain.

Develop Your Skills

Obtain the education and experience necessary to reach your goal. Use your experience and education to develop and refine your skills so you can find the job that meets your needs. Remember that the sooner in life you start working, the sooner you will begin developing important work skills.

Pursue Your Plan

Involve everyone you know, including employers, organizations, and others who may have information or contacts to help you. Visit a Church employment resource center or self-reliance center, if one is nearby. When difficulties arise, be confident in yourself; know that you are a child of God. Seek the help of Heavenly Father as you continue working toward your goals through prayer and scripture study. Continue to develop new skills and talents to improve your employability.

Family Efforts

Teach family members to value education, to work, and to develop their skills and talents. Parents should begin teaching children at a young age the value of work by providing them with work opportunities. Even young children can begin working by helping with household chores.

Be an example of self-reliance. Help others with their goals to find employment. When speaking of goals, be supportive, encourage planning, and assist as much as possible while encouraging self-reliance.

Bishops, Quorums, and Wards

Although it may seem difficult to share your personal employment situation, your leaders and others are interested in helping you find success. Involving them in your job preparation or job search increases your possibilities for success.

For immediate employment needs and assistance, work with your bishop. He may assign priesthood quorum or Relief Society leaders, home or visiting teachers, or employment specialists to assist and coach you. They may help with self-reliance planning, interview skills, resume building, networking, or skills development.

Priesthood quorum leaders can help with longer-term employment needs such as insufficient employment, inadequate skills, or challenges with current employment or self-employment. Priesthood quorum or Relief Society meetings can provide a secure forum where you can share your needs and goals, allowing others to offer their assistance.

By knowing the talents, skills, interests, and needs of ward members, the ward council plays an important role in connecting those who need help with those who can help. For example, members of the ward council can assign a specific ward member to be your mentor. The bishop and ward council members may also know of additional services the Church offers that may benefit you. 


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