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The Internet provides an endless map for finding resources to help fund your education. Navigating through its vast options, determining what is useful and what is not, is the tricky part. By using the proper tools and searching smart on the Internet, you will be able to find valuable resources that will aid in your pursuit of scholarships. A great place to start your scholarship search is offers an online job-searching tool for all Church members as well as those of other faiths. However, is not only used for employment and job-searching purposes, but can also be utilized as a tool for finding educational resources and financial aid. By using to search for these opportunities, you can access the information that LDS employment resource centers and self-reliance centers around the world post on the site.

You can find current financial aid information on by clicking on the "My LDSJobs" tab and performing a search with the category of “Schools” or “Community Programs” selected. Your search will yield a list of scholarship and financial aid programs for you to explore. Read the description of each program listed. If you find one that interests you, follow the link to the program’s website for more information on how to apply for the scholarship or financial aid. Follow the application directions precisely and remember to meet the deadline on time.

Many of your search results will lead you to other websites where you can continue to search for scholarships and funding. Most of the opportunities will require that you:

  • Create a username and password.
  • Supply an email address to access their searching tools.
  • Answer a series of questions that determine what scholarships match your skills and experience.

There are always financial aid and scholarship opportunities being posted online, so search regularly to see if there are new postings to apply for. By using, you will be able to access recent financial aid and scholarship information that is recommended by LDS Employment Resource Services.

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