Mark’s Story: Gaining the Tools to Succeed

Mark was unexpectedly laid off right before his family's annual summer vacation. When he returned from his trip, he interviewed at a few companies but was frustrated when he wasn’t offered any positions.

After over a decade at his company, entering the job market again was a little daunting. Then, a member of his ward recommended LDS Employment Resource Services. Through the training he received there, he was able to better highlight his years of experience in the industry to return to the job force more quickly.

Although Mark had years of experience, he needed to learn how to talk about them in a compelling way. With training, he perfected his “Me in 30 Seconds" statement so he could make the impression he wanted to, he honed his interviewing skills through mock interviews, and he learned the ins and outs of networking as he implemented the 15-10-2 job search technique.

Initially Mark was reluctant to network. He felt that always asking people to help him out could be seen as selfish. But through his interactions at the employment center he saw that networking didn't have to be self-interested.

“The center does a great job of helping you see that you can actually network effectively with an outward focus instead of an inward focus,” he said. “In other words, when you’re approaching people, it’s with the idea of ‘How can I help you?’ Just by doing that, it seemed to open so many more doors.”

Mark felt like the center allowed him to be accountable for his job search efforts. It gave him a reason to get up, get dressed, and get out of the house every morning as he started his daily job hunt at the employment center.

In addition to receiving practical job search help, Mark was blessed by the spiritual focus of the employment center. Every training he went to started with a prayer, and he was frequently able to discuss the Lord’s hand in his job search with other unemployed members.

“It gave me that added component of thinking, ‘The Lord’s with me on this,’ and it generated a lot of peace,” he said. “I felt God reassuring me, ‘I know this is a stressful situation, but you’re doing the right things. I’m here. And it’s going to work out.’”

Ultimately, Mark was able to interview again with one of the companies that had originally turned him down at the beginning of his job search. With the skills he gained at the employment center, he was able to exude confidence and articulately describe the contributions he could make to their company. This time, he was hired.

Even after being hired, he unconsciously continues to use the 15-10-2 approach to meet his new co-workers. Although he isn’t searching for a job anymore, he sees the benefit of continually connecting with other people in his field in a meaningful way.

“It’s actually helped a lot because it’s already given me some groundwork from a networking perspective to move forward,” he said.

Although Mark’s unanticipated employment struggles were challenging, the employment center gave him the tools to overcome the setback and succeed in his new position.


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