Sterling's Story: Go Back and Tell Him

When Sterling told his company that he was going to start looking for a new job, he and his wife, Michelle, had not anticipated that he would be unemployed for 15 months.

Sterling had reached a point where he could not advance any further in his company. After praying and feeling Heavenly Father’s approval, he began looking for a new job.

He started out his job search with a lot of enthusiasm but after a couple months of searching, he began to worry.

“I was almost paralyzed with fear,” Sterling said.

He was concerned about how he would support his family if he did not get a job soon. Sterling and Michelle did not understand why month after month he could not find work but they continued to have faith that they would be all right.

Sterling attended workshops to learn job-searching skills such as networking. Although he felt embarrassed telling people that he did not have a job, he knew he needed to let them know. Shortly after he started networking, one of his networking contacts offered him a job with a start-up company.

He took the job but the company was not making enough money to pay him so several months later, he had to quit.

As Sterling began job-hunting this time, he lacked the enthusiasm he had before.

“All my momentum had long since gone,” Sterling said.

Sterling’s stake president could see that Sterling was struggling to find work so he asked one his friends to be Sterling’s mentor. This job coach helped to motivate Sterling and give him the confidence he needed to look for jobs that matched his skill set. Additionally, Sterling felt more accountable for his time while he had a mentor.

Once again, Sterling began networking. He attended a networking group in Centerville, Utah, USA, where he helped other people network as he looked for work opportunities.

As part of Sterling’s networking efforts, he tried to talk to everyone but one day, almost a year after he had quit his job, he ran into one of his former co-workers at the store. They talked for several minutes but Sterling was too embarrassed to tell his co-worker that he was still unemployed. As they parted ways, the Holy Ghost prompted him to go back and tell the man that he was still looking for work. He went back, talked to his friend, and added him into his list of networking contacts. He also sent him a copy of his résumé.

Several months later, Sterling completed a Professional Human Relations course. When he completed the certification, he felt impressed to send an e-mail to his networking connections updating them on his skills.

When Sterling’s friend got the e-mail, he notified one of his network connections who called Sterling a few days later, informing him of an open human resources position in a local company. He called Sterling in for an interview and with Sterling’s new certification, he was qualified for the position with the company.

Although Sterling does not know why it took so long to get a job, he feels that Heavenly Father helped him along the way. He was not only able to further his education but he was led to the right people at the right time. His experience helped him realize Heavenly Father’s guiding hand in His life.

“I learned that the Lord knows who I am and that he loves me and my family,” Sterling said.“When I look back over that 15 months, and I look at some key experiences, I can see where the Lord was helping me along the path I needed to go, to learn the things I needed to learn.” 


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