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In considering the needs of sisters and families, who may have employment needs, here are a few ideas to consider for Relief Society meetings held during the week.  


  • Present information on practical things a wife can do to support and help her husband in his job search.
  • Acquaint single mothers with resources in the community that help with the challenges that single mothers face by inviting representatives from those resources to present information about their program.
  • Address ways mothers can help children prepare for their own future careers, how these children might contribute to the family income, or how the family can work together to be successful.
  • Invite qualified individuals in the ward, stake, or community to address budgeting and financial matters.
  • Address emotional needs by inviting a qualified counselor to share ways to deal with the emotional struggles of unemployment. LDS Family Services may be a resource for such information.
  • Arrange to take a tour of the nearest LDS employment resource center or self-reliance center to become familiar with the services that are available.
  • Provide an opportunity for sisters to learn about career options by inviting members to share information about their job, career path, or small business.
  • Tour local schools to learn about the programs offered and financial aid available.
  • Introduce sisters to the principles and requirements of operating their own business. In many communities there are local resources available to help small business owners start or improve a business.
  • Prepare sisters for finding a job by teaching the Career Workshop as multiple consecutive activities.
  • Prepare sisters for starting a business by teaching the Self-Employment Workshop as multiple consecutive activities.
  • Organize a résumé-writing or interview class.
  • Offer classes that teach specific employable skills such as using word processing or spreadsheet software.
  • Teach sisters how to make products that could be sold to generate income.

For additional ideas, contact the nearest LDS employment resource center or self-reliance center.

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