Andrew's Story: Knowing They Were Praying for Me

For some time, Andrew had felt promptings that he would lose his job. The promptings of future unemployment worried him, but he felt that somehow another job would come that would be better for him.

However, when he was laid off a few months later, Andrew did not know what to do. The confidence he had felt in his skills and abilities decreased. He was concerned about the market because he knew that not a lot of people were hiring. He was worried that since his company laid him off, people may not want to hire him.

“It was very, very frustrating,” Andrew said. “It was easy to be discouraged if I allowed myself to be discouraged, but I tried to get up every day and get working, get networking, [apply] for jobs, [talk] to people, [and interview], even [if it was] just information interviews. Anything I could do would help me to not get discouraged.”

As he worked, he also did things that would help him be closer to the Savior. He fasted, prayed, attended the temple, and kept the commandments. He also let his family, friends, neighbors, and bishop know that he was looking for work. He asked them to pray for him to know where the Lord wanted him to be. He felt that Heavenly Father had a plan for his employment, but he was not sure what that plan was. At times he wondered why his company had laid him off. He worried about what kind of employment opportunities would be available, but he felt that somehow things would work out, although he did not know when.

It helped him to know, however, that people were praying for him and his family.

“On a daily basis, because of those prayers, I felt carried. I felt lifted throughout the entire process to where I was able to get up and be motivated to do what I needed to do. To not just [lie] in bed and sleep in and just let the day go to waste,” Andrew said.

As Andrew looked for work, his ward employment specialist supported and encouraged him by forwarding job leads to him that matched his skills and interests. Other ward members and friends also contacted him with referrals. As he contacted the referrals and talked to people, he felt his confidence increase.

One of the people that he and several of his ward members knew was interested in interviewing him. When Andrew went in for an interview with the company, he felt he had enough confidence in his skills to succeed in the position. The man was impressed with Andrew’s experience and offered him a job as the vice president of finances in the company. The job was similar to his former job, but it gave him more opportunities and responsibilities. It also was in an environment that he liked better.

“In the grand scheme of things, it was just that I think the Lord wanted me in another position, another place,” Andrew said. “There was something better out there for me to do.”


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