Yolanda's Story: Learning How to Employ

Sister Yolanda Morales has a definite talent: she can see the good in everyone and in every situation. As a missionary at the Costa Rica Employment Resource Center her talent comes in handy as she greets people with a smile, asks them about their needs, and helps them determine how the employment center can help them.

She and her husband, Elder Obdulio Morales, help many people each week who come into the center looking for jobs and encouragement. They work one-on-one, counseling and teaching people who are unemployed how to use the center’s resources. They talk to people about the problems they are facing with unemployment and how they can make it through the hard times. They help patrons sign up for workshops, learn how to use a computer and the Internet, and actively search for jobs.

“We encourage and help people so they feel better,” Elder Morales said. “It’s terribly sad to know that a person is suffering because they don’t have a job. So we try to help them in some form or another so they can leave here more satisfied.”

Having joined the Church in 1988, Elder and Sister Morales had already served for many years in various callings. They served in auxiliary presidencies and later as ordinance workers in the San Jose Costa Rica Temple for seven years, but they always dreamed of serving a mission together. However, Sister Morales’s health would not allow her to travel far. When they sent in their mission papers and received their call to serve in the employment resource center, they were surprised but excited about their new opportunity.

“I didn’t have any idea how the employment centers worked before,” Elder Morales admitted. “Thanks to this calling, I came to know about employment services. It’s been a great experience for us because certainly we know that people need work and need to get a job, but many of them also need spiritual orientation.”

Sister Morales is also grateful for what she has learned in her missionary assignment. Her calling allows her to continue her necessary health therapy while also continuing her personal growth. She is learning how to manage an office, send and receive faxes and e-mails, register patrons online, and make contacts with potential employers.

Elder Morales said he feels a great sense of gratitude every day for the blessings of being a missionary and being able to help others find employment and better their lives.

“The biggest satisfaction is having the opportunity to help others. This is what we love to accomplish,” Elder Morales said.


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