Pre-Screening of Candidates

At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Good employees are hard to find. It can be difficult and expensive to sift through résumés, only to hire someone who isn't a good match for your company. Successful organizations have tapped into a new resource that helps them simplify the process of finding the right fit for their organization: Organizations that use LDS Employment Resource Services (ERS) or Self-Reliance Services (SRS) save time and money because they are able to easily screen and connect with highly-qualified candidates.

The technology of makes it simple to sort through résumés of qualified candidates. Searches tailored to your qualifications and specific needs will help you access talent that can make a difference in your organization.

As a principle, ERS and SRS do not recommend individuals for specific employment or engage in pre-screening of candidates. We believe you, as an employer, would rather do that yourself using your own methods. Contact your local ERS or SRS center to meet with a representative who can help you understand how we can be of help to you. We want to understand your specific staffing needs and help you achieve your goals. 


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