Professional Placement Program

The Professional Placement Program assists professionals, managers, and executives in finding or upgrading their employment. The program includes the Career Workshop for professionals, networking opportunities, one-on-one coaching, professional-level job leads, and a place to conduct your job search. 

Learn Proven Job Search Skills—The Career Workshop for Professionals

The professionally developed Career Workshop will help you organize your efforts, find the hidden job market, shorten your job search, be prepared to answer tough questions in interviews, write impressive résumés and cover letters, and negotiate for the salary and benefits you need.

Contact your Employment Center to get started in the Professional Placement Program

Build Your Network—Networking Meetings

Developing a network of contacts will produce more results than any other effort you can make while searching for a job. Networking meetings are held at the employment centers. These meetings will help you:

  • Network with other professionals.
  • Meet employers and executive recruiters.
  • Learn additional job search techniques.
  • Practice skills taught in the Career Workshop.
  • Stay motivated throughout your job search.


Resources Available to You

Employment centers have been established to provide a place for you to conduct your job search. Senior missionaries who serve as employment advisers, as well as professional paid staff, can assist you through one-on-one coaching, networking leads, and resource information specifically for professionals. Additionally, you will have access to the Internet, computers, telephones, and fax and copy machines that can be used for job search purposes.

Who Can Participate?

There are no specific guidelines for who can or should participate in the Professional Placement Program. Participants determine for themselves if the program is right for them. Typically those who benefit most from the program are career minded, possess job skills and education to work within the professional ranks of an organization, and function effectively with other professionals. 

Find the Professional Placement Program Nearest You

The Professional Placement Program is not offered at all employment centers. Contact the center nearest you to get information about resources for professionals in your area. In many instances those who live a distance from an established professional program can participate electronically through the LDS Connected group on LinkedIn and through e-mail. 


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