Joaquin's Story: Reaping the Rewards of Diligence

Joaquin always worked hard to provide for his family. His wife dedicated her time to raising their two daughters, and the small family depended solely on the income from Joaquin’s job. He was doing contract work with a private lending company, but when the project he had been working on at his job was finished, he found himself unemployed and without means to provide for his family. The only thing he could think to do was fall to his knees and pray.

“I started to meditate and I prayed to God to ask for direction, to ask that He guide me to where I needed to begin looking for employment,” Joaquin said. “When I finished praying, I felt in my heart a clear impression to visit the Church’s employment resource center.”

The next day, Joaquin boarded a bus and made the two-hour trip to the employment resource center in San Salvador, El Salvador. Volunteers helped him prepare his résumé, and together they created a list of businesses he could visit to deliver copies of his résumé and request interviews. Then he set the goal to place at least ten résumés daily, either in person or electronically.

Within three days of visiting the employment center and implementing his job search plan, Joaquin started to receive phone calls from various businesses inviting him to be interviewed.

“I interviewed with many different companies, but even when I was having very good results, I never stopped sending out résumés daily like the volunteers at the center had suggested,” Joaquin said. “There were days when I had up to four interviews in the same day, but even when the interviews ended late, I took the time to send at least a few résumés electronically.”

Several weeks into his job search, Joaquin had an unusually busy day of interviews. Although he could have felt justified in returning home without sending out résumés, he decided to stick to his goal and sent résumés to two businesses electronically.

The next day, he received a call from one of the businesses he had sent a résumé to the night before. Over the next few days, Joaquin participated in several interviews with human resources representatives and managers from the company. When he showed up for a final evaluation, he was informed that the company wanted to offer him a job. Joaquin immediately felt a desire to express his gratitude to those who helped him along the way.

“All I wanted to do was visit the people at the employment center, and that day I just left and went to thank them,” Joaquin said. “I was filled with so much gratitude for God for having such inspired programs and to the brothers and sisters of the employment center who were always willing to help me with a smile and words of strength and encouragement.”

Along with providing support and encouragement, Joaquin says that the resources available through the center helped him succeed in his job search without spending money that he needed to provide for his family during that difficult time.

“In my country, not everyone has access to a computer or Internet in their home,” he said. “At the center, I was able to print résumés, look for jobs on the Internet, and make telephone calls to request interviews at no cost to me. I calculated the value of the resources that I used at the center, and they saved me a lot.”

Now Joaquin is reaping the rewards of his diligence and is grateful for the spiritual and temporal blessings that have come through his new career.

“I want to testify that if we make use of the tools that Heavenly Father gives us and we have determination and faith, He will give us what we need,” he said. “He will never let His children perish; He loves us, and for this reason He has programs like Employment Resource Services to help us.”


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