Richard's Story: From Stake Welfare Specialist to Job Seeker

When Richard was called to be the stake welfare specialist, he knew he would be helping members of his stake build better futures, but he never imagined the experience would also be such a benefit to his own future.

As stake welfare specialist, Richard began attending employment specialist training meetings regularly, and only missed one of these meetings over the course of three years. After each training, Richard was excited to implement the various skills and knowledge he had been taught. Specifically, he learned how to create a profile on and how to prepare an effective résumé. He also liked the feedback he received from about the completeness of his résumé. Although not looking to change jobs, Richard tried to apply the principles he was learning in order to enhance his performance at his current job.

In early 2013 Richard’s job was one of 2,700 that were eliminated from the company where he worked. Although surprised, Richard was prepared by his years of training to be successful in his job search, and he immediately started sending out his résumé to contacts he had previously established. While networking, he decided to contact one of the career advisors at his local employment resource center. Richard asked the advisor to review his résumé, which Richard had been distributing. The advisor gave him useful feedback on additional improvements that he could make to format and write it in a way that would attract more attention.

Despite having many years of experience as a chemical engineer, Richard said, “I was not very effective at highlighting my qualifications, accomplishments, and strengths because I feared sounding too ideal.” The career advisor counseled Richard to state the truth in his résumé, but to do it in a way that would make his qualifications jump off the page. The advisor suggested that Richard write his résumé geared toward a human resources associate who would be less knowledgeable about the position, but who would be in charge of narrowing down the pool of candidates for the hiring manager.

Richard sent his résumé in response to a job posting from an international chemical manufacturer. To his surprise, he received a phone call early the next morning. The call was from a woman who said she was assigned to sort through the stack of résumés from respondents. She admitted to Richard she didn’t know many details related to the position, but that something about his résumé had attracted her attention. Richard was then given an immediate interview over the phone, along with a follow-up interview shortly thereafter. Although Richard didn’t pursue the position any further, he was excited with his success and realized the career advisor’s insights had been completely correct.

Richard then accepted a job at another company that he was more interested in. The concepts Richard learned in the employment specialist training meetings were directly applicable to his unexpected job search. He learned how to have confidence in job interviews, write a well-formatted résumé, the importance of networking, and many other skills he can use for the rest of his life. Richard is grateful for the blessings that came from an earnest dedication to his calling, and for the employment center staff who assisted him on his path to finding a new job.


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