The Career Workshop

At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Those who are looking for work, wanting to enroll in school, or starting a business will benefit from learning the concepts taught. The workshop is designed to be very interactive, motivating, and fun. Applying the skills you learn in the workshop will help you to find a job, pursue your education goals, or start a business. You will also have an increased confidence in your ability to be successful in your career goals. Individuals who take the Career Workshop and apply what they learn are able to shorten the time they spend looking for work.

The Career Workshop includes the following four sections:

My Goals

Helps you begin evaluating your talents, interests, and values. You will also set goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

My Resources

Assists you in identifying and developing the resources you will need to reach your goals.

My Interaction with Resources

Teaches how to make powerful impressions while networking, during interviews, and in writing résumés, curricula vitae, cover letters, thank-you notes, and applications.

My Continued Success

Helps you prepare to negotiate the salary and benefits of your new position, be successful in your new job, grow in the company, and advance in your career.

What Participants Are Saying about the Career Workshop

"I am grateful for the power statements I learned in the Career Workshop. I started the interview with my power statements, and it created a comfortable starter for me during the entire 30-minute interview.” —Philippines
"Without the principles taught . . . I would not have mastered the technique of using power statements, which clinched my job offer with ____. They were considering me for a consulting position, but after sharing my power statements I was offered a salaried position at 20K more than my previous job. The workshop is a must for professionals.” —San Fernando, California
“I now have an arsenal of pre-decided power statements I can use. It gives me confidence to look at a broader range of jobs.” —Magna, Utah
“I went to the interview and applied the things that I was taught in the Career Workshop—especially ‘Me in 30 Seconds.’ Luckily, out of 30 people I was the only one who was offered a job.” —Nairobi, Kenya
“The Career Workshop for professionals helped me to reevaluate my skill level and areas that I need to improve on.” —Salt Lake City, Utah

The Career Workshop is taught in employment centers, self-reliance centers, and in some stakes. To find out where the Career Workshop is taught in your area, contact your stake employment specialist or find the employment center or self-reliance center nearest you. 

The Career Workshop - Participant Workbook

The Career Workshop -Teacher Guide


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