Chauntil's Story: The Search for a Shorter Commute

Every day Chauntil commuted about 100 miles round trip to work. Not only was the long commute tiring, but she felt that she was not spending enough time with her husband and son because of it. Chauntil decided to find a job closer to her home.

She applied for and got a job where she would be working in an office. When she started her job training, she was being trained to replace an employee who was quitting. However, after Chauntil finished her training, the employee decided not to leave. Instead of giving Chauntil more hours, the company had to cut her hours down to three a day. With the cut in her hours, she could not afford to pay for child care, so she had to quit.

“I was paying to work,” Chauntil said. “It just wasn’t feasible for me.”

It troubled her not knowing where her next paycheck was going to come from. While her husband had a job, she knew it would be difficult financially for their family without a second income.

“I was trying to be a happy person instead of showing that I was upset and devastated that I wasn’t working,” Chauntil said.

As she searched for a job, she felt stuck in a rut that she was never going to be able to get out of. She knew she needed more training to be qualified for the administrative assistant positions she was interested in.

She decided to go to the Ogden Employment Resource Center to get some job search help. While she was there, she found out that Deseret Industries offers partnership opportunities through multiple companies that help people get training in various fields and industries.

Chauntil talked with her bishop, the Deseret Industries staff, and the employment center staff to set up a partnership program that would help her get administrative assistant experience. Deseret Industries paid for her to do a partnership working at the LDS Employment Resource Center front desk. There she greeted people, answered the telephone, entered data into the computer, and performed other office tasks. While she worked for Employment Resource Services, Deseret Industries also paid her to search for jobs for an hour every day. She also got paid while she was at job interviews.

“A big weight was lifted off of my shoulders because I didn’t have to worry about the money so much,” Chauntil said.

While Chauntil was working with the employment center, she also felt more optimistic about her job search. The staff members and volunteers who she worked with encouraged her in her efforts.

“They helped me keep a positive attitude every day,” Chauntil said. “They truly cared and they understood my situation.”

With the training and help that she received through the Deseret Industries partnership program, she was able to get a job in four weeks. Now she works for a dental office in a neighboring city, closer to her home and family.

“The partnership with Deseret Industries was the best situation I really could have been put in,” she said. “The timing was just perfect, and they truly helped me out more than they may know. I can’t explain how grateful I am for the training that I was given. It was just a really great opportunity for me.”


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