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At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

Building a business could be likened to constructing a building.  Any building requires a solid foundation with four well-placed cornerstones.  Similarly, successful businesses are built on a strong foundation of planning and four cornerstones of solid business principles.

The Self-Employment Workshop is offered at Church employment resource and self-reliance centers to help you formalize your idea and turn it into a successful business or enhance an existing business through the development of a business plan.

The workshop will help you lay your business’s foundation by developing a well-thought-out business plan. Your plan should include four major sections, or cornerstones.  The Self-Employment Workshop is divided into four sections. Each section covers one of these cornerstones:

Cornerstone #1:  The Business Idea
Cornerstone #2:  The Market Analysis
Cornerstone #3:  The Marketing Strategy
Cornerstone #4:  The Financial Analysis

In each section of the workshop you will participate in three primary activities that will help you develop a strong understanding of each cornerstone:

  1. Case Study:  You will read and discuss as a class the business plan of a sample business.
  2. Mock Business:  In small groups, you will work together to develop a business plan for a mock business.
  3. Personal Business Plan:  Applying what you have learned, you will write the business plan for your own personal business.

To attend The Self-Employment Workshop, contact the LDS employment resource or self-reliance center nearest you.  

Self-Employment Workshop - Participant's Handbook

Self-Employment Workshop - Facilitator's Guide


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