Job Postings—This Can't Be All There Is

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Many employers try to avoid dealing with the mad rush of applicants that occurs when they post a job opening. In most cases they will consider applicants from other sources before they turn to job databases for help with filling a position.

This means that a majority of job openings are filled without ever being posted publicly. It is important that job seekers understand this and find ways to become a part of the much smaller pool of applicants that employers look to when a position initially becomes available. In your job search you should take into consideration the process an employer goes through to hire new employees. 

Employer Currently Has No Hiring Needs

Even though a company may not currently have a job opening, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to make a positive impression on those who make hiring decisions. Using effective networking techniques, you can create for yourself opportunities to meet and impress the boss long before the company has a hiring need. Having made a positive impression, when a position does open, you may already be at the top of the list of potential hires. At this point your competition is very small. In fact, in many cases you may be the only one in the running.

Employer Has Identified Initial Need

When employers identify a position that needs to be filled, they will often consider current employees first. In many cases they also invite their staff to recommend qualified acquaintances to be considered. If you have networked and established relationships with employees who work in the company, you may have the advantage of being recommended to the hiring manager. Your competition for these positions is limited to those individuals currently employed by the company and anyone else who has taken initiative to network and build relationships within the organization. Since a majority of job seekers do not approach their job search in this manner, you are likely to not have much competition at all.

Employer Posted Need on an Online Database

These are often job openings the company has been unable to fill from within its organization or by referral. The employer is now willing to deal with what could potentially be hundreds of applicants for a single position. Your competition when applying for these jobs could be substantial. If you simply respond to the ad by filling out an application or just sending a resume, your name and any contribution you could make to the company will be shuffled in the mix of other applicants. But it isn't impossible for you to make a good impression. Learn how to more effectively respond to job postings by reading Standing out in the Crowd


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