What Kinds of Employers Use LDS Employment Resource Services or Self-Reliance Services?

At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

From small businesses with just a few employees to Fortune 500 companies, Employment Resource Services (ERS) and Self-Reliance Services (SRS)  helps companies of all sizes find skilled individuals to fill positions at every level.  

Top companies have found the secret to success: finding the right people to work for them. But finding the right employees can be difficult, and it often involves a large time commitment and monetary expense. LDS Employment Resource and Self-Reliance Services helps organizations like yours connect with qualified employees.

ERS or SRS is a useful resource for employers in all industries that serves as a powerful networking tool to connect skilled people with good companies. As job boards become more niche oriented, ERS and SRS is expanding its postings and search technology. ERS and SRS works with employers in many industries, from finance to floral design. It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is; ERS and SRS can help you achieve your goals with its global network of resources. In fact, over one million people and thousands of companies like yours were helped by ERS and SRS over the past five years. 

Highly-motivated and qualified employees are registered with Employment Resource and Self-Reliance Services. The extensive network, featured on the Web site, will help you reach out to potential employees like you never have before. Accelerate on your path to success by registering on ldsjobs.org or contacting your local ERS or SRS center today! 


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