Who is ERS?

At Employment Services (formerly LDS Jobs), we'll help you become gainfully employed through education and networking with local companies.

LDS Employment Resource Services is more than just an online job network. Our nearly 300 employment centers in more than 50 countries allow us to help you find qualified employees to fit your specific, employee needs. We bridge the gap between employers and employees, saving you time and money.

ERS will help small businesses use community resources wisely, get you involved in promotions and trainings and try and partner you with organizations that will aid in the overall well being of your business.

Our unique relationship-based model allows us to help small businesses as they grow and develop into larger, successful businesses. We have helped more than 13,000 small businesses find the resources and skilled employees they need to successfully run their business.

ERS realizes that each employee hired will have a great impact on whether a small business is successful. Find the ideal candidate that will fill your needs and help you and your small business succeed.

To get started, create an employer profile and start connecting to businesses, organizations and potential employees. As job opportunities become available, you can quickly and easily post them to our user-friendly job database.

Contact your local ERS center to find out how you can promote and find more opportunities for your business.


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