What is a Business Partnership?

The business partnership program focuses on helping people get the job experience they need, while also referring dedicated candidates to local companies. 

The program exists at each Deseret Industries (DI) and at LDS Employment Center (ERS) throughout the United States and Canada, and Self-Reliance Centers in Mexico, the Philippines, and Haiti. DI and ERS clients offer a wide spectrum of skills—from entry-level to professional. Clients of DI and ERS understand the importance of hard work and integrity in employment, and strive to be excellent employees.

Because we want the business partnership program to be a positive experience, both for the associate and the company they are placed with, it is important for potential partners to thoroughly understand how the business partnership program works. 

Many of our candidates are seeking to gain experience or training from your company. During the program, DI or ERS pays their wages, you get a dedicated employee without having to spend extra money, and the employee gets the job experience they need. While participating in the program, associates are assigned a job coach from DI or ERS who works with them regularly to help them become the type of employee that you would want to hire. 

The companies who have worked with us in the business partnership program in the past all comment that the experience was extremely rewarding. Many business partnerships even end with an official job offer from the company. 

To access the talent in the ERS global network, contact your nearest employment center today.