Development Counseling Services

Development Counseling Services assists Church leaders as they empower individuals and families in overcoming barriers that prevent them from achieving long-term self-reliance. Development counselors are licensed professionals who work closely with the individual, their Church leaders, mentors and family members.

What We Provide

  • Professional consultation to church leaders, service providers, members and mentors
  • Short and long-term career assessments, planning and coaching
  • Coordination of educational and certified vocational training programs, funding resources and on-the-job training opportunities

The Process


Local Bishop

  • Meets with the job seeker to discuss needs, resources and goals
  • Authorizes the development counselor to meet with the job seeker 
  • Identifies a mentor and other Church resources to assist the job seeker 
  • Mobilizes the ward council

Job Seeker

  • Schedules an appointment with the development counselor
  • Develops plan with guidance from the development counselor, mentor and others involved
  • Meets regularly with the development counselor and mentor to report on assignments, review goals and celebrate successes
  • Follows plan until employment goals are achieved

Development Counselor

  • Conducts an individualized vocational assessment
  • Works with the job seeker to develop a vocational plan
  • Coordinates services with the individual, their local bishop, mentor and needed community resources
  • As needed, connects the individual with LDS Employment Resource Services and Deseret Industries

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