Employment in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Consider the online offerings to help you in your job search.

Our hearts go out to those affected by COVID-19 and the related challenges associated with such a widespread pandemic.

In this changing economy, we know that unemployment is a real challenge that many might be facing. While there may be uncertainty about what the future of hiring looks like, there is still an opportunity to refine your job search skills and to be prepared when employment opportunities come.

Our employment centers are temporarily closed, but we will continue to provide support to individuals looking for jobs. Through online tools or by phone, you can:

  • Participate in group meetings where you receive coaching from an employment professional and connect with others who are searching for jobs.
  • Listen to or ask a question in an Ask an Expert session.
  • Participate in workshops about resumes, job leads, and interviews.

Online Active Job Search Groups

The Active Job Search program offers daily check-ins to receive support from other job seekers. It also offers opportunities to learn from employment experts, sharpen job search skills, and share job leads. Meetings are 60–90 minutes long and held over Zoom, an online video and audio conferencing tool.

Active Job Search Information

Active Job Search Group Schedule

Online Ask an Expert Sessions

Do you have a question about your job search? Participate in an Ask an Expert session where you can listen in and participate as employment experts respond to questions from the group.

Ask an Expert Sessions

Job Search Skills Workshops

If you want help with your résumé, accelerating your job search, finding job leads, or interview skills then take a look at these workshops. Employment professionals will help you sharpen your skills and feel more confident in every phase of your job search.

Job Search Skills Workshops


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