Working Effectively with a Mentor

Congratulations on your steps toward becoming career self-reliant! A key to your success is effectively utilizing your mentor. This information will show you how to work with your mentor to reach your goals. 

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who is called to help you with your job search and in building your career. He or she will meet with you regularly and maintain contact with the DI or the ERS development counseling services. 

Your Mentor's Role

  • Understand your needs
  • Set goals
  • Work closely with the bishop and others to help you
  • Make development-plan meetings more beneficial for you, if you are enrolled in Development Counseling Services
  • Develop a network
  • Write a resume
  • Practice interviewing
  • Obtain meaningful employment

How To Use Your Mentor Effectively

You should take the lead in working with your mentor. Here are several ways to effectively utilize their support:

  • Build a working relationship with your employment mentor
  • Seek weekly opportunities to maintain contact with your mentor
  • Update your employment mentor on your progress
  • Coordinate with your mentor to develop a network within your ward and community

What To Share With Your Mentor

  • Long-term plans
  • Job goals
  • Challenges you face
  • Things you need help with
  • Progress and accomplishments
  • Anything else related to your career search that you think is appropriate


How to Effectively Utilize Your Employment Mentor (Download)

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